I have been thinking about the conversation between You, me and Roy about the heart and brain.  

Focusing more on what’s going on in my heart is key but at the same time I cannot completely ignore my brain.  

The only way to deal with the pain in my heart is to feel my way through it.  There is no going over or under or around – there is only through.  I know I’ve tried.   An essential part of  feeling my way through is navigation and my brain is my compass.  My logic recognizes the lies and know what awaits me at once I make my way through the pain.  What awaits me is the truth and it’s the same truth every time.  And that truth is You, Jesus. 

My brain (now)  knows the way to You.  Without my brain my heart could very easily get lost in a lie-storm that could – possibly – last indefinitely.   As long as I let my heart and brain work together I know that, at a certain point, the pain will end and it will end in You.

But sometimes the path can become murky for my brain and that’s when You put the right people on the path to help my brain stay on course to You and Love and Peace.  Roy is one of those extraordinary people.  Thank You for him. 

Every day I get to know You a little more and I never want that to stop. 

Thank You and I love You