Thank You, Abba.  Today I can feel the changes you are making inside of me.  Inside my soul.  Thank You and please continue!

I love our conversations.  Talking with you helps to prevent my head and heart from lingering in places they shouldn’t – especially when the Enemy throws anxiety into the mix – much better than any drug I have ever tried.  Thank You.

  And I love talking about You with others when I get the opportunity.  And I am so grateful for the experiences we have already had together and am looking forward to what you have planned next for us.  

Today I have settled into myself a little more.  Thank You.  

And please forgive me for acting the petulant child.  Thinking that I know what I need and when I need it.  How many decades did I spend making those decisions all by myself only to fall flat on my face every time?   I should know better.   I do know better. 

Any and all good in my life comes from You. 

Thank You!

I love You